The global market demands excellent quality products. Phitother Laboratories responds to these needs through the continuous improvement of its products and processes offering higher quality raw materials for the cosmetic, phitofarmaceutical and food industries, contributing to the beauty, health and welfare of the human being.

Due to the final consumer and the cosmetic, pharmaceutical and food industries levels of exigency it becomes a necessity to offer product with more efficient natural actives. We, as your ally, and supported by our productive chain, bring our experience in developing new extracts from tropical plants, offering alternatives for your product development.

Quality Policy

Our commitment is to satisfy timely the quality, security and efficacy requirements in the fabrication and supply of vegetal and animal origin extracts to the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food sectors, through the continuous improvement of our management, processes, technology and individual competences development, promoting the sustainable growth and protecting the environment.

5 S’s

In PHITOTHER we have adopted the 5 S’s to improve the work and safety conditions, the work climate, personal motivation, and the efficiency in the activities and functions performed.

1st S To Clear: Separate the necessary from the unnecessary.
2nd S To Order: Everything in its right place
3rd S To Clean: Clean the area and the equipment. Everything must look as new.
4th S To Standardize: Create a standard to maintain the work area visually clean
5th S To Progress: Keep the standard.

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